1978 Chevy 3/4 ton $1000

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    ***TIRES SOLD*****

    complete, running driving titled 78 Chevrolet 3/4 ton pickup

    the bad first: has either a burned/chipped intake valve or a broken/weak intake spring on one cylinder. Starts up, idles smooth, smokes a little (motor has a lot of miles), but runs and drives. Backfires randomly under load from 1,000 to about 2,000 RPM. Above that it runs strong. Don't know if it would pass smog- it ONLY backfires while driving in gear, in neutral it runs smooth, unless you punch the gas, it will backfire through intake- doubtful it will pass in current condition. Body panels are moderately rusted and or dented across the whole vehicle, ie, body rough but still acceptable. Fenders clearanced several inches front and back for tires. Cab is straight. Includes toolboxes (side boxes not shown in pic). Interior acceptable, though partially stripped, power steering squeals. Doors are removable using pins. Overall, needs work, was driving it regularly before backfire problem.

    THE GOOD: 4" Tuff Country HD front springs, 4" ORD shackle flip in rear, ORD HD front shackles, 4 new Rancho shocks, extended braided brake lines. New plugs, new wires, new HEI cap and rotor/coil, rebuilt Rochester quadrajet
    Factory tow hooks
    SM465 trans (needs input bearing most likely, makes noise off throttle)
    NP205 transfer case
    396 Chevy big block, was told it was out of an Impala (originally equipped with 350)
    14 bolt full float rear
    10 bolt front
    dual fuel tanks, toolboxes

    good potential, needs attention :o

    Clear title in hand.

    LOCAL PICKUP, vehicle is unregistered and uninsured. It's a little large for my car trailer, but I could ATTEMPT to trailer it about 30 miles, that's my limit.
    Can it be driven home? PROBABLY, if you're out on the open road, high speed, it will crusie without backfiring, but getting up to speed and driving in traffic is annoying.

    CONTACT: http://www.buschandbusch.com/contact.html

    thanks for looking
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