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    May 24, 2001
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    i am trying to completely rebuild my 1980 blazer, when i got under it to check out the floors, i found that they had rusted all the way through. i have decided that i want to replace it completely but i'm not sure how hard it will be to do that. i also thought about just replacing the whole cab cause i have a little body damage and i was already going to get new front fenders. but, again, i don't know if that is possible, or if it would be worth my money.

    thanks for your time
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    If you can find a good donor tub... I'd say go with that option.
    One word of advice.. fill out your profile so we know where your from..
    Now here in Texas.. I bought a complete Rust free tub for $160.00 and did the swap with the help of a few friends.
    I also build a frame to use a come-along to lift the old tub off and also lift and place the new tub on the chassis..
    It's possible to do yourself.. just plan on a weekend to get it done.
    I do have pics I can show you .. just email me with any other questions..
    The new tub would be your best route..
    Hope this helps..

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