1986 blazer for sale

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by purple76pearl, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Jan 13, 2003
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    ok here is the deal
    this blazer i bought off ebay, and had transported out from philly, tied too much money up in it, and decided instead of two rigs, ill just sell both of them, toys are getting too expensive these days so here is the low downon this rig
    first of all its a 1986 two tone tan and brown silverado k5 blazer, prob around 127,000 on a 305, with headers, 700r4 tranny and im guessing 205 case, it has 3:08 gears and of course is half ton body is pretty darn clean, lil surface rust on door, and couple lil dents here and there, has rally wheels, and not great tires, air works, windows roll up and down power, interior is pretty darn good
    i put a new battery in it, and runs but has a knock, being that i sell parts and not work on them, i dont know how bad it is, but you can drive it
    here are the only pics i have of it, but will get more this weekend, sunday to be exact blazer at question
    if someone had a decent motor laying around or had a mechanic in their back pocket it would be a really nice every day driver
    if someone had an awesome drive train, and needed a good body and spare parts it would be a awesome deal
    pretty much im selling this thing becuase in a couple weeks im selling my 76, and then everything else i dont need
    so to sum it up
    someone give me <font color="blue"> 1800 </font> bucks for this thing, and ill work out transportation getting it to where ever, i got to sell it, only option i have, someone make me a offer or something thanks alot

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    i would think that would be a np208 in it if its stock..

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