1992 S-10 blazer

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by BillyBob, Feb 11, 2004.

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    I just inherited my Uncle's '91 Celca. The thing is like off the showroom. So I decided to drop my S-10. I'll try to get pics later, but here's a description for now.

    1992 S-10 blazer 2 door Tahoe edition
    4x4 w/ T-case shifter
    128,000 on the clock
    Body is almost mint. Needs no rust work
    New Windshield
    Brakes done about 3 K ago
    No leaks/puddles under the truck.
    Needs new tires, ones on it have very low tread
    Windsheild leaks. Haven't tried fixing it with silicone.
    Rear wiper and defroster don't work
    Cruse doesn't work

    The truck runs and drives great. I would have kept it and fixed it up, but my uncle left me his car. only body flaw is when I slid on ice into my k-5 and cracked the headlight bezel a little and put a ding in the hood /forums/images/graemlins/doah.gif. Other than that the body is immaculate, which is very hard to find in a rust belt truck. Damn thing never got stuck in the snow either this past winter. I went everywhere with it. I may regret selling this thing if there is another winter like this! Anyway, Kelly Blue Book suggest the truck to be worth $2,500 for the condition it's in now. I'm selling it for $2,000 OBO. E-mail me if interested.

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