1993 Chevrolet K1500 Z71

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    This truck has a SkyJacker 6 inch suspension lift. On top of that is a 3 inch body lift. This clears 35x15.5 TSL/SX on 15x10 A/E 589. It gets power from TBI 5.7. The motor gets air through a Pro Comp air system with a K&N air filter. It exhausts through shorty headers and true dual Flowmaster exhaust.(No Catalytic Converters) /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif It has 4.10 gears with a limited slip rearend. The interior is in good shape with a cd player and Cobra CB with dual whips. The exterior has a tool box in the bed and bed is coated in Herculiner. The whole body has been Line-Xed lime green. This is a pretty truck. $11,000 Negotiable Will email pictures if interested. /forums/images/graemlins/truck.gif

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