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1995 Tahoe.. Whats underneath it?

Discussion in '1992-Present Chevy & GMC models' started by newboy89, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. newboy89

    newboy89 Registered Member

    Nov 18, 2001
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    looking into buying a 1995 Tahoe. just wondering what she's packing. engine, i know it's a 350 just wondering if anyone knew the power ratings? trans, i'm guessing its a 4l60 but i dunno. what kind of strength can i expect on that tranny? transfer case? i have no idea. rear end, assuming a 10 bolt but i figured i'd ask.
    and can someone please explain the whole IFS thing to me, cause i have no idea what i'm looking at. personally i think it's to complicated but maybe thats cause i have no idea how it worke or how to work on it.thanks alot.
  2. Shorts

    Shorts 1/2 ton status

    Oct 16, 2001
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    CC & SA, Tx
    engine: 350 TBI
    tranny: 4L60E
    tcase: NP241C
    rear end: count the # of bolts on the diff cover

    the engine is an easy fuel injection to work on and modify. the tranny has been know to go after 100-150k, but a beefy rebuild really makes the tranny tough. the tcase is fairly strong...plus its light(aluminum). one upgrade you can make on the front diff is replace the front thermal/electric actuator with the Posi-Lok. its a manually operated diff locking system. as for the rear, if you have a 10 bolt(more than likely), the largest tires they'll handle are 35s. otherwise, the ring and pinion will eat each other /forums/images/icons/smirk.gif

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