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1996 EZ Loader


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Jun 18, 2022
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One of my other projects.. in '96, the local scumbags sold my father a 21' Hewescraft sea runner with an aftermarket hardtop. Boat weighs at 3100, hardtop estimates at 300, 800 pounds of gas and gear... on a 2500 pound EZ Loader torsion axle.

The frame looks good and the old man is too dead to complain, so off with the torsion axle, and on with a Dexter 6k with brakes.


Bought an axle package from six robblees, welded the spring hangers onto a chunk of 3/8 strap, ran those down to the sand man and had them blasted and coated.

While I was working on it might as well replace the everything. 20220723_170623.jpg 20220723_170630.jpg

I had to swap the jack to the drivers side so it could rotate, but inside the pelican is some happy

Every wire on the trailer ends up here. Brand new LEDs all around and turn signals at every position of lights.

Used Arcticflex high strand count actual copper wire in correct colors, heat shrink connectors everywhere, the cable entry glands are CGB type, and everything is sealed with a hefty coating of rubber shmoo. The inside of the pelican case is hosed liberally with a conformal coating for electric terminals.

And yeah, every single stinking trailer wire is labeled. Didn't label the wires headed for the truck because they're only three feet long or so.

The pelican build is kinda cool. 1/4-20 stainless all thread threads into 7/16" 1/4-20 stainless nuts in the feet of the pelican, and through into the case. Flat washer and nut lands the all thread and stands off the 1/8" aluminum plate. 1/4-20 stainless 7/16" nyloc nuts secure the plate. 3/4" self tappers mount the terminal strip to the plate.

While I've got the boat off of it, MAW put new rollers and a new winch on, right?

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