1st Gen Rear Suspension options

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    I have a bit of a dilema with the rear suspension on our 71 K5. I bought the truck with 4" blocks in the rear and put new Rancho 4" springs in the front. I run 35" tires on 8" rims and am unlikely to go to anything larger.

    I'm considering putting a 6 lug 1 ton 14 bolt in the rear in a few months but would like to address some issues with the sagging stock springs in the rear before that.

    What I'm observing right now is some moderate stuffing of the rears when climbing larger rocks and berms. The front corner of the rear wheel well is rubbing some nasty cuts (about 3/8" deep) into the lugs.

    I've spoken to what I consider to be a very competant off road builder here in Burbank, CA who suggests that the "well aged" and soft stock springs are working in my favor, allowing the wheels to stuff. He suggests I have a body shop trim the fender to accomodate the travel. I practically begged him to take my money and asked what he thought about lift springs vs. shackle flips but he still insisted that the stock springs were "working" if they were allowing the wheel to stuff that far.

    I've been around to about 5 local body shops and few will even touch the job as they are busy with well paying insurance work. The 1 shop that would do the work chided me with "here's one of those guys who trys tp make his truck fit his tires" but told a good story about enlarging the wheel opening toward the front by removing about half the arc and relocating it a few inches further forward, keeping the same distingiushing shape of 1st gen wheel wells, the rolled flange, etc. Cost with out paint is around $300. "Or you could spend $50 on a sawzall and let it flap in the breeze."

    At $300 that's about half the cost of a custom set of Alcan lift spings and I dont know what shacle flips and new stock springs would cost.

    So to take care of the tire rub on the front corner, I have the options of...

    1) trimming the fenders

    or replacing the weak stock springs and blocks with

    2) 4" lift springs

    3) 4" shackle flips and new stock length springs.

    Anybody have opinions here?

    Matthew Meyer
    '71 K5 - 4" Lift 35"s
    ZZ4 350 - 700R
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    I had the SAME thing in my 72!!!
    4" blocks with the original spring packs!
    I actually dented my rear fender wells with the tires!
    I replaced the springs and blocks with SUPERLIFT 5 1/2" spring packs! the do stinkbug the rear just a little tiny bit with the top off useing Rancho 4" springs in the front!
    If you get replacement packs make sure it's more than 4" of lift or it will sag in the butt!! Get rid of thoes blocks if you do any type of wheelin!!!
    Good Luck

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