2.5" lift i need more! can i do this?

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    2.5\" lift i need more! can i do this?

    Ive got a 85 Blazer with a 2.5 inch Rough Country lift.
    I bought the Blazer with the lift installed already, what comes new with those Rough Country kits to lift it 2.5" Just curious.
    Now I was gonna go ahead and buy a 4" lift, but is there any possible way i can work with what i already have under the truck? I have a set of 4" blocks sitting in my garage. Can i take my 2" blocks out of the rear along with my add a leaf and then put in the 4"? Then i would be sitting with 4" of lift in the rear that would be takin care of. For the front now couldnt i add the add a leaf i took out of the rear and stick it in the others in the front? Just wondering..... Let me know what i can do.
    thanks for your time.
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    Re: 2.5\" lift i need more! can i do this?

    You can use the 4" block in the rear, at least to get you by for a while. For the front, you could play some games to try to bring it up, like our 1" zero rate addaleaves, and our HD front shackles, but I think you'd end up happier just buying new leaves. Even with shipping it's not going to cost over $250 for a new set of springs and they'll be full arch, no extra stuff.
    Keep in mind you'll need steering correction now, so a steering arm should be part of the budget also, and you will most likely need different shocks. Brake lines could need some attention also.

    Basically, a 2.5" lift is about the limit for a lot of the stock components and to go over that you start replacing a lot more parts.

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