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    I have a '72 Blazer with an interesting problem... one I can't seem to fix. I have some nasty rust damage on the metal bar (forgive me I do not know the name) above the windshield. The damage is fairly bad on the side that is inside the cab. It has split open and is swollen. However, the other side is intact.

    My question is: what do I do now? I have looked and looked for a patch piece to no avail. I have considered having a replacement fabricated, but it isn't a simple piece. I have also considered gutting the rotten portion, painting it with a rust preventitive and then filling it with epoxy for strength. What do you all think?

    I also have some rust around the door handles on both door shells. I have noticed that vendor do not sell door shells specifically for the Blazer, but they do sell them for other compatible '72 Chevys.

    Simply put, has anyone ever tried to port a '72 door shell from a Chevy truck to a Blazer? If you have, how hard/simple was it? Any thoughts?

    Thanks guys...
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    both of your questions can be solved/ansewered by using a 72 parts truck. the piece above your window i guess you can call it the window frame. i have read that people just cut out the window frame from a truck and adapt it to the blazer. you have to be a little creative here. not sure how experienced you are with metal, but this'll work.

    as for the doors, the blazer door is just a truck door with the top-rear window frame cut out. you can use 69-72 truck doors as donners. just cut the railing. make sure you put and extra plate where the door striker sits, it's highly recommended.

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