2 piece rear drive shaft

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RootBreaker, Nov 16, 2004.

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    anyone have experience with these? I drove my truck tonight.. went down a highway and while accelerating... the truck seemed to start hopping... I do know that when it was lifted the stock shaft was used. a 2 piece.. Does anyone know the total length of the splines where the 2 meet? I have about 3" sticking out and when I push on the outter shaft it seems that there is play.. could that have done it? also there is that bearing that keeps the 2 shafts together... it has some play in it but seems that it might supposed to as it is not a solid structure.. I know that I am probably confusing you all... but I dont know where to go with this....

    I also noticed alot of steering play.. when driving down the road.. I can wiggle the wheel back and forth a bit and the truck goes straight... I have a new tie rod.. completely new and since I have xover steering from ord... all that is new too!!! dunno.. tired and dunno... /forums/images/graemlins/dunno.gif
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    The carrier bearing will have side-to-side movement but shouldn't have any rotating play as far as I know. If there is any doubt about it I would replace it. We were getting some terrible vibes in the '68 and replaced the carrier bearing and it fixed most of them, it wasn't a very expensive part or a hard task if I remember correctly.

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