20 inch commercial metal bandsaw, used once, ACORN welding table

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by camiswelding, Feb 16, 2004.

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    Its a Chicago commercial 220 volt vertical variable speed lighted metal bandsaw.... I used it one time and its sat in my shop for two years collecting dust, I use my plasma more,,, sooo off it goes... its basically a "JET" knockoff, its still "new"
    I paid 2k for it... Ill blow it out for 700.00 firm...
    Youll need to get a blade for it... I cant find the thing from storing it...
    Im in Redding California 10 minutes off the five
    This saw is heavy... 750 pounds or more... I have a forklift to load it and I built it on wheels so you can roll it around the shop
    2000 pound "ACORN" brand cast iron welding table... about 5' by 5' with a stand... if you dont know what they are do a net search and that will tell you.... 200.00 bucks... which is basically scrap value for it... if you buy the saw Ill let you have it for 100.00... I DO NOT HAVE ANY Accessories for this table...they are easy to make or buy
    Nope...no pics yet... if youre serious write me at my email addy and Ill shoot some for you

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