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    This is kinda long but its kinda funny and very true :
    20 Questions to ask an "Environmentalist"
    Norm Lenhart
    Senior Editor - Off-Road.com

    I know!!! Lets play "20 Questions" with the

    Make a copy of these questions, print it out, and carry
    it in your OHV, bring it to land use meetings etc. The
    next time you are confronted with an enviro-zealot
    determined to shut you out of public lands, ask him / her
    the following questions.
    In no particular order

    1. Do you purchase or use any of the following:.
    newspapers, magazines, writing paper, books, or computer
    paper ? I'll let you in on a little secret....all these
    are made from trees!!!! If you do, It's pretty
    hypocritical to condemn and fight against an industry
    that your actions fully support.

    2. Toilet paper ? Why on earth do you do such a thing ?
    There are plenty of leaves to be found. Bring them to
    work with you. Rake them into a container (of a type not
    derived from "the extraction industry", or man
    made materials) and keep them handy in corporate
    bathrooms. Perhaps you should bring the toilet paper to a
    recycling center. After all, you only used it once, at
    least I hope you did.

    Other options include use as art supplies. For example,
    replacing the traditional paper mache' in a piñata with
    your used toilet paper. It is of course, the
    environmentally friendly thing to do.

    3. Are you aware that the Sierra Club contributes
    directly to the promotion of logging in the USA and
    across the world? It's true ! A multi million dollar
    organization like the SC goes through reams of paper on a
    daily basis through regular office use alone.

    Then of course, there are the calendars, booklets,
    pamphlets, books etc., which not only requires the taking
    of timber to produce (and lets not forget the resultant
    pollution which accompanies it), but requires the use of
    toxic chemicals and in their manufacture as well (inks,
    developer etc).

    4. The Sierra Club, SUWA and others have access to a
    variety of "tree free" papers that would
    literally save millions of trees a year, yet refuse to
    use them. Why?

    5. Do you own any leather goods? Purses, wallets, shoes,
    boots, luggage, furniture? No ? You use "MAN
    MADE" materials? Gore Tex ? Vinyl ? Synthetic blends
    ? Shame on you hypocrite! You contribute to environmental
    destruction one way or another.

    6. Your home. Was it built with wood? Do you own wooden
    furniture? How is your home plumbed? Metal pipe (from the
    "extraction industry", or PVC (plastic) pipe? Did
    you build it that way? Did you know it when you bough it?
    If not, what are you doing to replace these items /
    structures with environmentally friendly substitutes?

    7. Are you an "Activist" ? Have you spiked trees,
    causing them to grow in an altered state ? Free
    clue...Trees don't require spiking for "natural
    development". Have you checked the dirt you pour into
    heavy equipment tanks for any live worms bugs, or
    microscopic life? If you can attempt to close land based
    on a certain type of creature living there, you had
    better not be killing any yourselves.

    8. What methods do you use to spread your mistruth, lie,
    propaganda and deceit? Paper (trees)? TV (electricity
    from fossil fuel, nuclear, or hydro) generating plants,
    radio (same) Computer (see below)?

    9. The internet is a wonderful thing, allowing
    environmentalists to band together and close land to all
    the evil off-roaders, miners, loggers, farmers etc. But
    wait! A computer is made of, or uses in it's

    toxic chemicals

    ...and a host of other environmentally damaging
    materials. Lets not forget that running it requires
    electricity which comes from power sources as listed

    Internet using environmentalists increase load on the
    phone system, causing more lines to be run across
    "environmentally sensitive" areas, under ground
    (disturbing the "microbiotic biodiversity"), or
    under lakes and oceans (exposing sea life - fish,
    plankton etc. to unknown dangers, and disturbing their
    natural habitat.)

    It would seem that an "internet environmentalist"
    is a contradiction in terms. Will you please help lessen
    the internet's impact on the planet, environmentalists,
    and cancel your accounts now?

    10. Are you showering with commercially made soaps and
    shampoos ? Traitor! You poison the very water you seek to
    save, and kill billions of microscopic life forms
    (endangered life forms?) in the process. Do you use
    deodorant ? Even "Tom's of Maine products come in
    PAPER containers (see Sierra Club wastefulness
    above).'Tis' far better knave, to stink of sweat than to
    stink of of hypocrisy !

    11. How are you brushing those teeth after a long hard
    day of saving forests and deserts ? Damn sand gets into
    everything you know. I genuinely hope that you aren't
    using commercial toothbrushes. They are plastic, and
    we've already covered that. The paste itself is a virtual
    font of death to the environment. Fluoride and all that
    other earth-shattering stuff kills! . Better the stink of
    rotting teeth than the stink of hypocrisy !

    12. How are you washing your clothes? Washing machines
    made of metal and rubber that use electricity? What about
    a dryer? Do you use commercially made detergent? where is
    the waste water going? is it treated before it leaves
    your home?

    13. Do you currently drive or ride in a motor vehicle of
    ANY type? If you don't walk everywhere you go, you
    contribute to the earth's demise! Bicycles are a no-no
    .Those rubber tires are environmentally costly to make,
    and they live forever in landfills. The paint on the
    frames is highly toxic, both in application and as it
    flakes off along the roads and trails. Oh, and while your
    walking, remember. No rubber or synthetic shoes. Every
    little bit helps !

    14. Do you eat with only your hands? Cups, plates, and
    other cooking / eating utensils are either plastic (not
    good) metal (caused environmental damage in their
    manufacture and extraction) paper based (trees), or a
    form of pottery (clay based and just how did those kilns
    get heated anyway ? Where did the clay come from?) Of
    course there are wooden ones available, but you don't
    want to hurt a tree to accommodate your "human"
    needs now do you ?

    15. Do you eat all your food raw? How do you cook it?
    Electricity generated from nuclear, coal, or (God
    forbid!) HYDRO stations? Are you cooking with gas
    extracted from "mother earth", and releasing CO2
    into the atmosphere?

    16. Do you eat only "naturally grown foods"? By
    purchasing "normal" food, you contribute to the
    agricultural industry's use of pesticides, genetically
    altered produce & livestock and fertilizer. Then there's
    the packaging of those foods. plastics, papers, metals,
    waxes and a host more all come from mother earth.. Hey!
    those farmers use internal combustion engines and
    electricity generated by fossil fuels! Have you stopped
    to consider how much you could do for the planet if you
    would just stop eating? No, one person can't do much, but
    if enough of you got together and refrained from food
    consumption, imagine the impact!!!

    17. Do you own pets? According to the animal rights
    creed, animals were meant to be wild. Are you feeding
    them commercially made food? You know, the kind that
    causes pollution, or requires extraction to produce,
    ship, package and obtain? Have you been respectful of the
    animals rights? Do you let it out every time it goes to
    the door? Even at 3 am? I'd hate to think the animal is
    being "confined" by your humanistic behavior!

    18. Population control in 3rd world countries, and here
    at home is a VERY big priority among the environmental
    elite, and their uninformed minions. However, we don't
    see them lining up for sterilization. Why is that?

    19. Ask them, "Have YOU been sterilized? If you
    preach a smaller population, have you yourself shown
    responsibility and "gone under the knife"? Why
    not Hypocrite?

    20. And Finally, ask "Are you somehow
    "superior" to the rest of humanity because of
    your environmental beliefs"?


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