2006 Mountain Mud Festival (mud Flat) Event

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    Our Mountain Mud Festival (Mud Flat) Event will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2006. Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 4th, 2006 at 9:00 am until sold out. As with last year, event tickets will be available by phone order only exclusively through the Oregon Jamboree Ticket Hotline (541-367-8800). There will be no on-site or in-person ticket sales. The day of ticket sales, phone lines will be flooded with calls and will be busy. Individuals trying to obtain event tickets are encouraged to be persistent and call repeatedly until getting through to purchase tickets. A limit of 3 (three) tickets per phone call will be imposed. Please adhere to the posted ticket limits. Those who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders cancelled without notice in our discretion. This may include orders associated with the same name, address, credit card number, or other information. Ticket prices will be $24 each which includes a $4/ticket handling fee. Children 6 years of age and under are free. The ticket outlet will accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit cards only. No cash, check, or in-person sales.

    The event is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, rain or shine. Only persons with authentic 2006 event tickets will be allowed to enter the event. Tickets will be scanned and replicated tickets will be confiscated. All attending the event must sign release forms. To re-renter the event, persons must have a hand stamp and ticket stub. Food and event merchandise are available at the event in the concession area of the event.

    As in the past, tow trailers can be dropped off the day before at the event site on Friday, March 3, 2006 between 12:00 noon and 10:00 pm. Trailers will be escorted in, unhooked and unloaded quickly, and escorted back down to exit the event site. Trailers will be parked in an orderly fashion.

    As in the past, there will be no two wheel drive (2WD) parking available. There will be no parking at the bottom of the hill for event attendees of any kind. This is a four wheel drive (4WD) event only. Only 4WD vehicles and 4WD tow vehicles will be allowed to enter the event. No 2WD’s or semi’s/tractor trailers will be allowed to enter the event.

    Alcohol, drugs, firearms, ATV’s, motorcycles, and wood with nails (such as pallets) are not allowed at the 2006 Mountain Mud Festival (Mud Flat) Event. Disorderly conduct, vandalism, riding in the back of moving vehicles, and reckless driving are not permitted. Event attendees are to stay within event boundaries, keep winch lines and chains clear of people when in use, wear seatbelts, keep children with an adult at all times, maintain contained fires, and show common respect to others. Event vehicles must be washed off prior to leaving the event. Specific truck wash areas are available at the event. Pack it in, pack it out (liter, garbage, parts, vehicles, etc…)

    The MOUNTAIN MUD FESTIVAL is a trade mark of ours, The Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association. We reserve exclusive rights for use of the name, event photos, video, merchandise, and logos associated with the event. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without the express written consent from us.

    Event rules will be mailed with purchased tickets. Individuals non compliant with the rules will be reprimanded. Due to the severity of the situation, individuals may be escorted out or ejected from the event at our discretion. Rules need to be followed to continue future events. For more information you can click on “About Mud Fest” on our home page. We hope to see you in March!

    -Santiam Four Wheel Drive Association

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