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Nov 10, 2001
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Monroe, LA
Im making a brake for my transfercase, because cadillac stuff cost tooo much. so i have a few questions. I kept looking at jesse's (highangle) and jp but im poor. it took about five minutes to find those calipers for sale on the net. I was concerned about them holding on a steep incline. I went to the upull it and found 17 diffrent models of cars that had rear disc and ebrakes. I made a list but forgot it at home. I think I have about decided on the maxima, because its small and compact. I plan on taking out the rear yolk and modifying the rotor to bolt up with lunger ujoint straps. and then fabbing the bracket. as long as its balanced i dont see a prob.

1. do brake calipers rely om brake fluid for lubrication. specifically if i plug the line will it still work or just dry up and cease? iirc grease messes up calipers for some reason so i cant just grease em.

2. What is the largest size rotor I can run wothout having a body lift? I figure 6" the xfer is out right now and i didnt want to rehang it for this measurement.

3. Can someone with a dial caliper measure the mounting holes for the ujoint straps. I just eyeballed it but before I go massacare a new rotor I wann make sure its right.

Im gonna try to get this done before I shipout again next month so we'll see. Ill put pics up once im out of the drawing up stage.

just fyi I am just trying to do this for my truck and not to recreate anyone off the shelf idea.


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