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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by ScoobyDann, Apr 15, 2001.

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    I was bored tonight and was going through my 5 years of offroad magazines and found an article on all the different t-cases. Well obviously it said you could make a doubler out of the 203 and 205, but it also said you could make it out of a 208--Is this true, and if so how can you do it, and is it worth it?thanks

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    You can, but it isn't recommended for strength reasons. Remember, with the doubler you are effectively doubling the tourque put to the second transfer case. Any t'case that bolts to a TH350/400 you should be able to make a doubler out of, as I understand it. But why would you want to? The only reasons I could think of were a variety of low ranges and reduced weight. The weight is no big deal, but having 3 low ranges (~2, 2.73, ~5.46) would be useful, but minimally. I think 4:1 is enough for most fullsizes. Think of the numbers:

    7(tranny)*4(doubler)*4.56(axle) = ~126:1
    7*5.46*4.56 = ~175:1

    3*4*4.56 = ~56:1
    3*5.46*4.56 = ~75:1

    Those are for an SM420 and 700R4. The TH350 is 2.5 and the SM465 is ~6.7, I think. The 4:1 is plenty low enough for me. If you were really serious about ssllllloooowwww range, you would get a 203/Atlas 2 doubler. 2:1, 4.3:1, 8.6(!):1. That would be the ultimate setup. But at $3500-$4000 on this alone, that is some serious dough. Damn it. You just added $4000 on to my dream blazer setup. I guess I'll push it back another decade :).

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