208 T-Case reassembly questions?

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    It has taken me a few months now to acquire a bunch of new parts to rebuild my '85 208 T-Case. Upon reassembly, I'm now having a few problems that i hope you
    experienced 208 Guys can help with.
    Also (if needed) I can $compensate$ who ever has the time and knowledge to supply the correct answers to the following questions.

    1) There is a Spring that goes by the Mode Fork, but I'm not exactly sure what the correct location is:
    1A) This Spring could go between the Mode Fork and the Case 1/2. Just like it was before, but I'm not sure if it was assembled correctly to start with or not?
    1B) Per a few diagrams, this Spring could go between both Forks, just under the Mode Fork?

    2) Another issue is Upon reassembly, 1 way is to install the Input Gear w/ pressed in roller bearing, then comes the Mainshaft Thrust Bearing and then the Mainshaft.
    My problem is that there is a new Thrust Washer that came in the Rebuild Kit that is the exact same diameter as the Mainshaft Thrust Bearing. Also it looks like there is plenty of clearance for it to be installed above or below the Mainshaft Thrust Bearing.
    So how should the reassembly go:
    2A) Input Gear, Mainshaft Thrust Bearing, Mainshaft?
    2B) Input gear, Thrust Washer, Mainshaft Thrust Bearing, Mainshaft?
    2C) Input Gear, Mainshaft Thrust Bearing, Thrust Washer, Mainshaft?

    3) As for installing the new Torrigton Bearing/s, each side is different.
    Does it really matter which side faces which? Y/N
    3A) One side has a Roller Bearing, then an Indentation, then the next Roller Bearing and so on.
    3B) Other side has a Roller Bearing, then like a metal spacer (Or the oposite side of the indentation), then the next roller bearing.
    If a component placement will cause rotational thrust towards the Torrigton bearing, I would think that the side of the Torrigton Bearing with the spaces/indentations would go that direction because there could be more lube in that area to reduce failure? I may be looking to much into it, but I can not risk having the 208 fail right after assembly.

    Thanks to all ColoradoK5 readers that have experience with the 208 T-Case...:bow:
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