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    I currently have a 700r4/Np205 setup.
    My friend was going to do the same but with a 4L80 (newer truck), but the adapter and machining costs to mate a 205 are unbelieveable. He was looking at a 241 but doesn't know the strength. I know it has a much better low range than a 205, but how does it compare strengthwise (I know the 205 is king of the hill in that department, but how far behind is the 241). Or is there another case he should go with. It's behind a beefed 454 so strength is a concern.......He also doesn't possess common sense enough to lay off the go pedal when he should. His motto is...."When in doubt, floor it!".

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    i think the 241 case is just an updated version of the 208. they are chain driven units and have good low range. but the 205 with the gears are stronger. check out this site www.transfercases.com

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