28 or 30 splines how to ID nevermind got lucky

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    is there any way to tell if you have 28 or 30 splines on the rear axle without removing the axle
    i bought a lockright to replace my spider gears and randys ring and pinion sent a 28, but when i had the one put in the front the guy said it was a 30, but i do not have the orig axle in the rear.
    just wondering if somebody could id from the numbers on theaxle
    ps. when i pulled the cover of the diff the gears were not not blown, just a little sloppy. however i discovered that my "new" rear ujoint was fried, so i already replaced that, and now am about to tacke the locker

    It needs a bigger motor.
    what's in it now?
    doen't matter it NEEDS A BIGGER MOTOR
    89 350tbi/700r4h/np208/4.11's <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by RESTORE89 on 02/08/02 06:25 PM.</FONT></P>

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