2WD Steering Box Question for Crossover Steering Setup

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by therobzilla, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Here is the question, does anyone or has anyone replaced the 4wd steering shaft out of a 4wd box into a 2wd box, and if so, where did you get the 2wd shaft from?

    Second question, will a 2wd steering box from a 73 or later 2wd GM or Chevy truck work on a 72 first gen blazer?

    Or will a Ford 2wd steering box work on a 72 chevy first gen blazer?

    Exploring my options for the crossover steering setup.

    I already have the milled passenger side knuckle, and the steering arms for both sides, now I have to come up with the 2wd box and the heim joints, and the tubing to finish the setup. The 2wd box from Adanced is $160.00 and I was looking for a cheaper alternative.

    I saw a bunch of 2wd 73 and later boxes at the junk yard last weekend, but I am not sure if they will work, and or if the Ford boxes will work.

    Anyone have any answers?????

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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