3" body lift qeustion

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    3\" body lift qeustion

    What do i need ot do in order to prepare my '87 k5 blazer for a 3 inch body lift. It is at stock ehight untirl next week whe i install a 3" body lift.
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    Re: 3\" body lift qeustion

    1. start soaking all accessible bolts with wd-40, PB blaster or the penetrating oil of your choice. this will include the front 2 at the raditor support, and the last 4 on to the bed. i think the others all have the not welded into the body, so you cant really spray'em good.
    2. remove lower part of fan shroud and prepare to trim it to fit.
    3. drill out steering shaft nylon inserts so the shaft lengthens when the body is raised.
    4. i used 4X4 blocks of wood and a floor jack to raise the body, so have whatever it is you are going to use ready to work.
    5. new body bushings would be nice at this time $$$ permitting.
    6. be prepared to deal with some sort of trans/t-case linkage issues. these arent to bad.
    7. bumpers dont need to come off, be prepared to work around them.

    about all i got, i am sure there are other things, but getting penetrating oil on all the bolts is prolly the best.

    good luck rob

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