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    I have 3 CB mobile radios for sale:
    1. Uniden Grant AM-SSB Transceiver
    2. Uniden Grant AM-SSB Transceiver no. 2 same as above but there is a small problem with the volume not that any Doc can fix but the radio is pumped up and has a final.
    Heres a picture of what it would look like::
    3. President Grant AM-SSB: I bought this radio last year and never used it, I've tested it today and there is no problems.
    The first radio comes with a plug that goes to your cigarette lighter and also has a 5 pin Astatic mic so its more like a complete set not including an antenna sorry.
    These were my collection pieces and I think it would be better if someone could use these radios instead of sitting on the shelf under a canvas cloth.
    I also have two SuperStar Grants, one is brand new in a box and one Galaxy 959DX but these radios are desinated into my two blazers while the Galaxy is my backup.
    Price for the radios, well I'll leave it up to you.
    They are good radios and would like to hear them when they get set in a vehicle.
    Any Offers please?
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