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    Okay, I read the official thread of 33's on stock trucks BUT...clarify please.

    I want to run the stock rims
    I'm not sure of size of them
    87 Suburban with 4 speed and 3.42 rear end
    Came from the factory with double shocked front end
    Also came from the factory with installed adjustable air shocks in back
    The guy who owned it before me put about 5k per year on it just for towing his sailboat back and forth from Co Springs to Dillon Lake.
    Already is a dog in 4th gear uphills and no tach so the high revving always worries me.

    Thanks for your help!

    I don't want to lift it if I can help it. Very light Off roading, I get my kicks off road on the Quads. Thanks
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    Like you said, its been covered. Like the thread mentioned, there are way too many variables for anyone to say for certain it will fit your truck.

    Are you running 3 leaf front/6 leaf rear springs? Are the front springs pretty much "level" with no, or very little, negative arch? Which wheels? Stock steel rallys?

    If yes on all of those, 33x10.5R15's *should* fit. Walk into a tire store of your choice (I prefer Discount, but Les Schwab if you have them seems to be good too) and ask them if they will let you "test" the tires. At $135/each (or so) for the BFG AT's in that size, if they like money, they will at least put them on the truck, and may even do a little flex testing with the lift or at least a floor jack.

    If they A)won't guarantee they won't rub/let you return them no charge, or B)won't let you test fit them before purchase, I'd walk out of there.

    Some people will even have problems with the 33x12.5's on the street, the chances of rubbing with the NARROWER 33 is less, and you should NOT have to deal with rubbing on a street only vehicle, nor fender trimming.

    FWIW, a 33x10.5" tire turned 45* (actually, it's quite a bit less than 45*, since the tire is not a square...just picture the tire as a rectangle, as you would see it if you were directly above it as it is installed) from straight ahead is 34.6", while a 12.5" 33 is 35.3". Hence why more problems with 12.5" wide tires than 10.5" tires, and when turning/hitting bumps.

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