350/203 to 400/208 Swap

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    My TH350 rear housing mounting flange is broken and rather than build a new one (replace the case) I was curious about the issues in installing a 86 TH400 and NP208 assembly. I have a line on a complete setup but was concerned if it is a bolt in to my 73 K5. Does anyone know if there are different mounting and driveshaft length requirements? I was told that the TH400 is longer but the 208 makes up for it resulting in identical driveshaft requirements. There are enough posts that deal with similar issues that I was wondering if anyone has ever put together a comprehensive parts swap/dimension/description list.
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    Your stock drive shafts will not work.

    208s (with the exception of '81's, supposedly) use a slip yoke rear driveshaft with a long tailhousing. Some (maybe all) 1/2 ton 208's use a different u-joint for the rear shaft than older 1/2 tons. A conversion joint is available. Not sure which joint the 3/4 ton 208s used.

    GM switched from a Spicer CV to a Saginaw CV around '76. They are not interchangeable. The Saginaw attached to the t-case with flat, round 4 bolt flange (similar to a Toyota). You MIGHT be able to use the front shaft from the donor truck. If it is too short, you can buy a 1" spacer for it.

    The 208 shifter mounts to the body, not the t-case. Shifter linkage adjustment is critical, if it's not right you will burn out the range fork in the t-case, leaving you stuck in low range. If you use your truck hard, I'd try to fab a shifter mounted to the t-case to avoid problems. Oh yeah, mine likes to pop out of low. A lot.

    As for the TH400, you will have to put in an electrical kickdown. Easy to do.

    Have you considered a 700R4? Its about the same length as the TH400 and would give you the overdrive as well as a better first gear (3.06 vs. 2.48).

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