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  1. KENNY

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    Dec 7, 2000
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    currently have a 305, want a 350crate . how much should i expect to pay. would need to have it instALLED also
  2. BLZN4FN

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    Dec 19, 2000
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    Englewood Colorado
    Wll the crate motors run approx 1,800.00 to 3,200.00
    depending what hp motor you choose. Install runs approx
    500.00 to 1,000.00. Alot depends on who you have do it
    A Dealership will be on the high side where is a independent
    will be on the lower side. Bur remember you get what you pay
    for. I would choose a Dealer to install do to the fact that
    you would get a better job preformed but then agine I work
    for a Dealer as a tech so that is wht I would lean more to
    them than a indepedant.
    Hope this helps,
  3. Dunc03

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    May 20, 2001
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    you can get a stock 350 with 250 hp for around 1200. THe place Scoggins dickey sells them for a little under that, and they are probably the lowest priced dealer you can find. There in Texas so iff you live to far the shipping might kill the deal. I live about 5 hours from there place and it only cost me 96 bucks. ANother option you have is to rebuild your engine and bore it out to a 350 and put in bigger pistons. The 350 and 305 are the exact same block the only difference is the size of the cylinders. I would probably go with the new engine because it comes witha 3 year/50,000 mile warranty, and that hard to beat. IF you have a friend with an engine hoist it might be worth you wild to install the engine your self. I installed my first one, and only to date with no problems. OF course if your not the mechanical type you for the professional install. Also it really doesn't matter weather you go to a dealer or an independent mechanic. As long as the mechanic you take it to is knowledgeable and have a good reputation. I would personally rather have a 50 year old mechanic that that has like 30 years of experience do mine rather than take it to a dealer and have a younger less knowledgeble person install it, but that just me. All the dealers were I am have very you mechanics, and I trust experience to schooling any day. This is just my two cents though. THere are nothing wrong with dealers other than the fact that they will suckthe life out of your wallet at ever turn. Hope this help.

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