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    <font color=blue>Paragon requires a full size spare, and I dont want a 12.5" wide tire on a 10" rim that I'll only use occasoinaly taking up space inside my truck (which is also my tent that weekend [​IMG]). I know that Buckshot Mudders are fairly narrow for they're height, how wide is a 36" tire and can I put it on a 16" OEM wheel? Thanks in advance</font color=blue>

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    A Q78/16 is about 36 inches tall with a 9.5 inch tread width. The sidewalls are wider than the tread. I ran a set of Q78/15's on 10-inch wide rims and liked everything except the mushy feeling in the sidewalls. The tires were so tall and skinny that you could feel the tire flexing in hard corners. [​IMG] Should work just fine as a spare though.

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