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    This is not K5 related but was hoping someone could offer some advice. I have a 1989 Chevy Astro Van with the 4.3 motor with a VIN code "Z" with the 700R4 transmission. Due to the throttle shaft wearing excessively causing the throttle plate to stick creating a very high idle, I will be replacing the stock 220 series TBI with a GM (AC-Delco # 22-3770) TBI. I was told that this new TBI unit is complete and the only item I would have to swap from the old one is the air cleaner stud. Also after looking at a Chiltons and a Haynes repair manual, one says that whenever you replace a complete TBI unit you must adjust the IAC and the minimum idle speed. The other states that this is not necessary because these items are set at the factory. So I guess to sum it up I need to know if I will need any additional parts, will I need to swap any parts, and will I need to make any adjustments. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks.

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