4 inch lift and drive shaft ?'s...

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    4 inch lift and drive shaft ?\'s...

    I'm in South Korea and just can't run on down to the local parts house if I start this project, so... if I install a 4 inch suspension lift kit, does the drive shaft need to be extended? Brake lines replaced? Steering arm? Anything else I left out.....the same question's if I go with a 6 inch lift. Any advice, comments or suggestions welcome! Anyone stationed in Korea? I split my time between Camp Humphries and Youngsan, I have that Maroon/Silver full size 84 blazer with the wild horses painting on the side windows.

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    Re: 4 inch lift and drive shaft ?\'s...

    If you go with the 4in.. You don't need to extend the drivelines.. You do want to get a steering arm and drop the t-case and extend the brake lines.. If you went with the 6in. You will need to do all of the above and extend the brakes lines...Hope this helps...Dan

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