4" lift - 6" steering arm?

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    4\" lift - 6\" steering arm?

    I have decided that my recently installed 2" lift is not enough on my 78, so I have started collecting parts for a 4" lift. I have purchased 4" Skyjacker front springs and their CA100 steering arm. The steering arm has "6 in" cast into it, so I believe that it is a 6" arm. Shouldn't I have a 4" arm for a 4" lift?
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    Re: 4\" lift - 6\" steering arm?

    I have the skyjacker 4" springs and I have a 4" arm and my drag link is perfectly straight. I would go with a 4 if possible. However. You have a 2" difference with the stock steering arm and a 2" lift, so I would think that you could get by with the 2" inch difference in the arm you have with 4" springs.

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