4 Wheel Parts Gets Slapped with 19 Violations By State Agency

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    4 Wheel Parts Gets Slapped with 19 Violations By State Agency

    Federal law, specifically the Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C.A §230,states that websites are immune from any liability for statements Authored by others. I would like to personally like to thank the operators of this site

    The State Agency, “Bureau of Automotive Repair” has just completed their several month long “Fraud” investigation into the company known as 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers, d.b.a. Transamerican Auto Parts Inc., d.b.a. TSI; resulting in the
    issuance of 19 violations.

    This company operates 45 off-road stores nationwide, including but not limited to the selling of Factory Truck Warranties redeemable at all major nationwide dealerships along in being in the business of selling after-market parts & accessories on the internet and to dealerships nationwide.

    However, there may be a serious conflict of interest issues with these warranties as 4WP mechanics are not GM/FORD/Daimler/Toyota/Nissan certified, nor retain the proper diagnostic equipment to give the complete required mechanical inspections, but they do anyway, and then sell these power-train warranties to be claimed at local dealerships.

    In Addition, the title of 4WP’s,
    “No Questions Asked Tire Warranty” has also caught the interest of multiple Federal & State regulating agencies for being, “False & Misleading” to consumers for the fact that the warranty does ask questions and allows 4WP to reject warranty claims at anytime.

    President Gregory W. Adler of has vehemently denied any wrong doing to date and has stated via the internet that, “The customer is number one at 4 Wheel Parts.”

    However, his statement completely contradicts his companies Better Business Bureau “Company Report” of a Grade/Score
    (D) and an (F) for his sister company, “Steel Horse Automotive.” A BBB Company Reliability Report on his companies can be obtained at www.bbb.org.

    Furthermore, Mr. Gregory W. Adler's statement of, “The Customer is Number 1” is once again contradicted by the 19 Violations recently issued by the State Agency, “Bureau of Automotive Repair.”

    This is just some of the following State Agencies final report violation subject matter below:

    •Written False and Misleading Statements etc. Sections (17500 & 3370) BAR Laws & Regulations

    •Failure to Provide Written and Revised Signed Estimates etc. (Bennett v Hays Act)

    •Charging for Items Not Specifically Described etc.

    •Installation of Non-Calibrated (Zero-Mile) Odometer, installed on factory leases.

    •14 other violations were issued similar in nature

    •Several severe crimes were committed; unfortunately no enforcement action was taken, due to the fact that there are no laws/regulations and/or introduced legislation for swift action to be taken.

    •The State Investigator audited the annual “idler arm” sales records between a major dealership and 4 Wheel Parts. Service Manager stated (name withheld), “That after approximately (600) 1500 series idler arms were sold to 4 Wheel Parts, they began to return them for credit/exchange. Service Manager continued, “I know that you are not installing these parts on factory stock trucks, but installing them on trucks with larger wheels and tires that puts a huge strain/wear on these parts causing them to wear prematurely.

    The service manager continued, “Not only am I going to stop crediting you these “idler arm” parts, I'm going to stop selling them to you altogether.” 4 Wheel Parts were purchasing factory stock parts and stating that they were Heavy Duty to handle the larger wheels and tires. The State Investigator elected to issue a violation in this matter.

    Then the same service manager decided that it was a prudent choice to turn over several sensitive complaint documents to the 4 Wheel Parts Corporation. The dealership service manager, now in bed with 4 wheel parts made the improper effort to smear the reputation of the original complainant, when he was being interviewed by the State Investigator. The State Investigator elected to audit the annual sales records between 4 Wheel Parts and this dealership. This is just one of several audits that are expected to come in the near future. :B:

    This 19 violation State Agency report has been brought to you at terrible cost and sacrifice. You may obtain a “Bureau of Automotive Repair Records Management/Subpoena Unit Form” explaining in detail how only your counsel may obtain this very important report at:

    Consumer Affairs
    Bureau of Automotive Repair (Main Office)
    C/o 4 Wheel Parts Fraud Investigation
    400 R Street, Suite 5200
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Please make the necessary contractual changes and/or cease to do business with such companies who seek to obtain huge profit gains at the terrible expense/losses to others and/or hard working business entities.

    Companies who retain such lousy Unsatisfactory Performance Records with the Better Business Bureau should not even be considered as business candidates. He who plays in the dirt shall also get dirty as well.

    (FTC) Federal Trade Commission

    (IFCC) Internet Fraud Complaint Center

    (BAR) Bureau of Automotive Repair

    (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Adm.

    (Attorney General) Public Inquiry Unit

    (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency (Spilling Oil & Antifreeze)

    (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    NEED TO FILE A COMPLAINT: www.eatoncounty.org/prosecutor/proslist.htm

    (Actual Invoices & Documents That Incriminated 4 Wheel Parts)
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    I was so turned off by 4wp already . They wanted me to bring my truck in so they could "inspect" my locker , all the while CHARGING me for the gear lube when I already had Redline in it . When the owners manual , in plain english states I am to bring it back in its original box for shipping back :mad:
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    I read this a couple days ago on a Bronco board but didn't know if it was new news or old news, so I didn't bother posting. A bunch of the guys on the other board got burned on the ProComp strap sale also. I have always told people that 4WP sucks, and I wouldn't pi$$ on them if they were on fire. I guess this supports my feelings. They are like the WalMart of 4x4 parts. Sure, they may have some good deals, but if you look at the prices on everything and compare to the compitition they aren't really "smokin" deals. And it would be near impossible to buy parts for anything that you already own; they will do what WalMart does and suggest you just buy a new one. And they have nobody that actually knows anything, nobody that actually goes wheeling. So, I guess if someone still want's to buy from 4WP, good. And when they put the knowledgable 4x4 retailers out of business, don't whine about has 4WP has bent you over! :mad:
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    Wow, just spent over an hour reading the ripoff.com link at the bottom...


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    glad to hear somethings happening to them, maybe this will save some hardworking folks for losing their money
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    I just read a bunch of that stuff, Holy Crap!

    and what the hell is this:


    what does a $12,000 lift look like?
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    Can't be too impressive with 33's.
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    hopefully its got SAS now... Pro Rock 60s anyone? :D

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