415 Stroker CA Smog Test Results

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    With much hesitation, I went to smog the new 415 today. I was a little concerned over having more displacement than the stock 400, a 79 k5 with true dual exhaust and no catalytic convertors, having reused the Q-Jet which came with the truck without tearing it down for a rebuild and adjusting this Q-Jet by best manifold vaccuum (19" at idle!) which doesn't neccesarily keep it good at wide open throttle.

    It Passed all tests with the following:

    Engine = 5.7 Liters ... (actually a 6.8 Liter - he ran it as a 350)
    GVWR = 6200lbs ... (as stated on the door)
    Test Weight = 4250lbs ... ( ??? - Naw can't be... tell me I'm reading this wrong!)
    Model = K10 Blazer .... (um - yeah)
    PCV/ Vac lines/ Carb/ Fuel Cap = Passed
    Ignition Timing = 09 deg BTDC

    Now For the Actual Readings :
    MPH, RPM, %CO2, %O2, HC(PPM), CO(%), NO(PPM)
    15, __1480, _12.9, _3.0, __296, __ 0.16,___1169
    25, __1492, _13.0, _2.9, __142, __ 0.14,___1207
    MAX ALLOWED @ 15 MPH _311,__3.72 ,___2088
    MAX ALLOWED @ 25 MPH _261,__3.52 ,___1948

    So I'm pleased with the results seeing as how I didn't adjust the carb with a sniffer and the 415 was tested as a 350.
    I'm also pleased to see it passed visual inspection of the catalytics so I hope this helps others in california who wish to go full dual exhaust assuming your GVWR is 6200 or heavier and its a Federal vehicle (imported to calif.). I'd like to know if they actually weighed my truck as 4250, seams on the light side, not that I'm complaining, its been my goal all along to lighten up.

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