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    My sm 465 rattles liek a mofo off road.. today i was doing some mad donuts in this huge plain field type thing called mud bridge, it was great. But while i was doing it i had to stay in 1 cuz in 2 it would not have enuf wheel speed at die but it would rev kinda hihg in 1st like 3k-4k. Therefore i had intermissions while letting my engine cool. Anyway i notice that while i was going in the mud and stuf and doing donuts, slides, etc my shifter for my sm465 would rattle real bad and someitmes make a noise.. kinda like ginridng gears but not really... it was weird, it didn't slip out of gear or anyhitng... and i also heard some mysterious sounds like a low banging kinda but then later driving on the street back home and around town nothing.. everyhting was normal! Crazy... any ideas waht the rattling is caused by or what those thumping sounds coulda been? I thought it mighta been my Tcase but who knows.

    6in 87' K5 w/ 35" BFG muds.
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    In desperate need of a rebuild.
    Next- Eaton mech locker... Flows.
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    checked fluids lately?

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