4X4'ers of the North Eastern States/Canada..

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    4X4\'ers of the North Eastern States/Canada..

    I just want to brag one more time about JMW Automotive in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada!!! [​IMG]
    Just got my Rebuilt w/shift kit TH400 along with my 2wd steering box for x-over. They took a little longer on the delivery than they promised so they picked up the shipping costs for me !!!! [​IMG] (over $100)
    The tranny looks so good painted up that I almost feel guilty bolting it up! [​IMG]
    Anyway; just wanted to let people know about another AWESOME place to get service & advice from! Jim (the owner) can talk you through anything about Chevy parts that you can think of and with the American dollar vs the Canadian dollar right now; you folks in the North-eastern States could hit some major deals!


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