$5500 '89 K5 anyone?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newyorkin, Apr 12, 2005.

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    My wife saw a nice truck last week by my sisters house, so we drove out to see it the other night and get the price and phone number off it.

    It had a plow setup. That was the ONLY non-factory thing about it...
    Granted, the plow rig looked pretty new, but probably $2k on it's own. So I'd say he's wanting $3k for the truck.

    According to the page in the window, it was bone stock, 130k. Paint was real good, rust isn't bad in the rear wheel wells and tailpan yet, but for some reason, the front fenders were rotted out, right along the edge above the wheel. Maybe the plow flung snow up there or something and abrasion wore off the paint. The windows were too tinted to see the interior well, but it looked like a super-hack job on the dash for the aftermarket radio install.
    Top all that with knowing it had the crap kicked out of it's drivetrain as a plow vehicle, and I don't think he's being realistic about the price.

    When I walked up to the window, I started getting excited... "Wow, this truck looks sweet for $550!" Then I saw there was an extra zero...

    I sold my first '88 for a couple hundred bucks, it was rotted in the tailpan pretty bad, 170k, but was a powerhouse. I actually just saw it a couple months ago on the highway.
    I sold my second '88 for $2k, and I felt like I was ripping the guy off, even though that truck was in beautiful shape, with rust popping up here and there.

    Anyone want the number? :rotfl:
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    Some kids called me up after school for an "expert" on Chevy trucks. I head down and check out an 84 short bed. Has about 2 1/2 lift + add a leaves. Add a leaves and blocks in the rear. No steering correction. Cab corners are rotted out(can't be seen from standing next to it but I climbed under and could see up into them). Body mounts are shot, bed was solid surprisingly. I could tell someone had bondoed the crap out of the rockers(cracks and rust visible). Paint was decent. Rear main seal was leaking, 208 front output was leaking. Mess on the underside of the cab where the rear seal had been leaking. All the emissions crap was ripped off. The air injection lines were simply kinked. Battery was held down with a bungie cord. The 465 shifter moved about 1 1/2 feet side to side.... in gear.... The kid was REALLY interested, FOR $5000!! I told him he was a moron and I'm the only person there who knows a thing about those trucks, WALK AWAY. I should have said that and left but I had to convince him to leave.

    Only way I'd have paid more than $1500 for the truck was if the ugly Gold paintjob was real gold!

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