6" lift ?!?!

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    6\" lift ?!?!

    Oki, Ive had my 85 k-5 for about 2 months.
    I bought it with the 2.5" Rough Country lift kit, with 33's.
    Its not big enough for me, so i ordered a 6" lift kit out of 4 wheel drive parts. The special deal for like $330 or so.
    I had my buddy order the lift. My question is i got the spring/block kit, how do you get 6" of lift in the rear with a 4" block? And if any what other mods will i need to do in order for my truck to function properly after the lift is installed, if anything?
    thanks for your time!
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    Re: 6

    I've recently lifted my 76 6". It was cake with air tools. Did the weld in brace too. Anyway, I went with Superlift and I opted to raise the rear using their, what they call a 3.5" block and a 2" add-a-leaf. The truck sits level. Bump steer was a concern but I'm very happy with my drivability. It does take a bit more turn of the wheel to turn a given distance but you'll get use to that real fast. I've got new 33s on it now and it does float a tiny bit at speed. Like I said, nothing that bothers me though and this is a daily driver. One thing that was unexpected was dealing with the e-brake cables while trying to get it all together. I ended up grinding off the rivits to allow more slack. My driveshaft has less vibration now than when it was stock. I did not drop the t-case and do not have a cv-jointed driveline. The slope of my driveline is now 19 (was 11) and the t-case yoke is 5 degrees and the rear angle is 7 degrees (was 5). The slip yoke does have the splines showing now on the stock shaft so at some point I'll have to have it lengthend. There is 1 and 7/8 inches of spline pushing me down the road. I also went with a 4" raised steering arm and a 2" drop drag link. If you talk to Steve at ORD he'll tell you that the drop drag link is a luxury and not really needed. According to him it should only help the life of the rod ends. One last note, I attribute the good driveability with the ORD sway bar disconnects. I believe they allow the axle to move as needed while going down the road. Also, I could not beleive the difference in stainless steel brake lines. Get them and you'll be surprised too. Hope this helps.


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