6 lug Dana 44 under the front of my 92 Big Blazer?

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    Okay guys. I keep wanting to keep my 6 lug rims, and man, are 1 ton axles expensive. Was thinking that maybe I could put in a Dana 44 up front, and beef it up some. Thing is, I don't recall Ford ever having 6 lugs, just 5 and 8. Is there a way to get a Dana 44 with 6 lugs that would fit the front end of my IFS Blazer? Would be a definate improvement. Could a D44 stand up to 35's? I don't rockcrawl or go gumbo mudding, mostly just bounce around on trails, the occasional hill, and sometimes just shoot through mudholes. What kind of stuff could I have done to it to beef it up during the conversion? I'm thinking keep my 30 spline 10 bolt for a while, then get a 14 SF after a while. I know that will work for the rear. Thanks for any help.

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    I belive the offset on the rims on the IFS version is different than the solid axle version. Would probably have to run the older style rims but it's possible to do. the D44 was optiond as a 1/2 ton (6 lug) or 3/4 ton (8 lug). Next problem is the diff being the wrong side witch you seem to understand. As far as I know the spindles should be able to be swaped onto a ford version giving you a 6 lug version of the Ford Reverscut D44. The next problem may be find one to match your gearing in the rear end. GM used 3.08 and 3.73 9n the 1/2 ton varaint and 4.10 was available in the 3/4. Ford I belive used a 3.23 or 3.42 (it's something different than GM ran) and not sure they was another version available. The fact of the matter what may be the easiest thing to do is try to find a matched set of doaner axles from a 79 Bronco. 79 I understand has a smaller yoke on the rear (have a bud with several 78-79 broncos and recall him running into some problems with parts interchange). Nothing wrong with the Ford 9 inch and a Detroit is fairly cheap for them and a good shade tree could set one up. just the rest of us would be doing double takes seeing a 5 lug GM 4x4. Another upside is I belive the 9 inch has a wider track that would match the track of the D44.

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