60/40 split bench from chevy pu

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    I was wondering if anyone here on the board has put a 60/40 split bench seat from a late 80's early 90's gm pickup? If so, how did it fit and what were the mods to be done? I want to sell my burgandy buckets and console from my 89 chevy silverado K5 blazer and my friend said he would buy them from me for his 79 blazer.

    Any idea where I can find a 60/40 split bench seat besides the wrecking yard or ebay? I would like to find one that has a fold down center console for the back rest, but when it's up it's a center seat.

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    I installed a 94 chev 60/40 split in my 81 chev. I cut the brac. kets to make them shorter and rewelded them and welded bolts to the floor for mounting. It worked out great I would do it again rather than having that factory crappy seat that was originally installed,

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