'70 K5 Audio Questions

Discussion in 'Audio' started by super_kev, Feb 20, 2003.

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    \'70 K5 Audio Questions

    Hey guys,
    I started redoing the old blazer a year ago, and just before I did, I decided to replace the sound system (or what was left of it) and so I bought the following off of eBay for a good deal. Everything was NIB except the head unit:
    Blaupunkt Casablanca, 4V F/R/S preamps, 4x25W RMS,
    (4) Blaupunkt 3-way 6x9 PCxt693's - 70W RMS,
    Lightning Audio Strike S.250 - 2x75W.
    Nothing is installed, so we don't have to worry about using old holes in doors, etc.

    Now that I know more about sound systems, I realized that I probably shouldn't have gotten the amp. But I have it, so I'm thinking of using the amp to drive the Kenwood KFC-P603 6.5" components that will be in the doors (if they fit, '70 K5) put one set of 6x9's in the back and use the hu to drive them. Maybe I'll put the second set of 6x9's in the doors with the 6.5's (50W/170W Max) and let the hu drive them too. For subs, I was thinking of two 10" Kenwood W2505's, total 300W/1000W Max. I'm not sure which amp to use for driving them yet. I don't have a "rich kid" budget, but I want something that will work nice for the subs. I can always upgrade later.

    What kind of audio insulation do you use? I was thinking that I will only put some FatMat in the doors, and in the custom boxes where the subs will be. The insulation/noise deadener from JC Whitney I'll use for the rest of the truck, because that FatMat/generic brand of Dynamat gets pricey.

    Also, the head unit. I tossed my old dial AM/FM/Cassette in the trash last year, and I don't want to rip up the dash. Maybe I'll put in another old dial radio that doesn't work, anyone have one? /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif I'm trying to figure out where to put the hu. I was thinking in the console, but can I mount it straight up?

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    Re: \'70 K5 Audio Questions

    Greg72 is the stereo guru for the first gen.'s. You may want to PM him for advice.
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    Re: \'70 K5 Audio Questions

    Hey Kev!

    Welcome to CK5 and for already having your profile filled out! /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    It sounds like you have a nice clean head unit (4V) so that's a good start. The amp is probably going to prove to be more trouble than it's worth...BozoWise is a member here and runs his own stereo shop. He says he's had nothing but problems with Lightning Audio stuff.... /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

    You'll want your "best" quality speakers up front since that's where your soundstage will be. If the 6x9's are it, then use them in the front of the doors. I wouldn't add two sets of 6x9's in each door.....MORE is not always better. I'd spend the extra effort/money on a good quality amp to drive those door speakers.

    In the rear, use a smaller speaker (since it's used for "fill") and maybe run those off the head unit. The effect is minimal on the overall sound, so don't focus a lot of money or effort on the rear speakers (unless you have rear passengers a lot!)

    The killer deal on sound deadening seems to be from McMaster-Carr. They sell a product called "Polymeric Mastic" which appears to be identical to Dynamat Original, but at about 1/6th the price. They have a website, and you can also search in this forum for the keywords...because we have posted the part #'s before.

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