700r4 - Advice needed for first time rebuild

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ambritmann, Jul 12, 2002.

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    May 20, 2002
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    North Carolina, USA.
    I am planning on doing my first rebuild of an 88 onwards 700r4 for my K5 diesel Blazer. Are there any special tools needed, anyone know of any good info sources. I will be using the Blazer for light towing so I want to build a strong unit without going over the top with the spec. I know that you can get uprated overdrive billet servo's, are their any other parts worth upgrading ?
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    I sugest you talk to these guys: tciauto.com
    They make lots of performance /upgrade parts for 700r4s
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    Jun 9, 2002
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    The first tranny I ever rebuilt (2 total) was a 700R4. I didnt even own a pair of snap ring pliers (I suggest picking some up). make your own special tool out of 2 pieces of 1/4 x 1/2 flat bar by drilling a hole thru the center of them both. Then use them as a clamp by running a long bolt thru the center of the parts that need compressed to remove the snap ring. Then use a pair of C clamps in the one place that doesnt have a center hole for using the special tool.

    Also buy a good manual. I used a Haynes or Chiltons but it didnt give any decent upgrade info (amounted to suggesting a cooler and shift kit). It did help me keep things in order putting it together.
  4. Ryan B.

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    Before you start, get a manual!
    I ordered one from Jeg's I think. Both Summit and Jegs have a rebuild manual for auto tranny's.
    While your doing that you might think about a shift improver kit. I hear B&M instructions suck, go with TransGo.

    I'd get a big table that can support the 200 or 250 pound tranny. Lay out a bunch of newspaper so you can keep everything clean and organized.
    I went step by step with the manual when i rebuilt my TH400 and layed the parts out in order, so they went back together just as easy.

    You'll need a dial indicator to check the endplay of the input and output shaft. I think the spec is something like .007"-.021" and the local AAMCO rebuild shops were saying like .050" is good... I don't know man, I talked to a high performance shop and they said thats too much slop, and they like it about .015" right within spec! So thats exactly what i did.
    When you check the endplay, then rebuild the tranny with new clutch packs, and measure the endplay again when your done, the specs should be about the same. (The new thicker clutches won't affect endplay)
    Some digital calipers help if you need to measure the thrust washers and figure out what different thickness you need if you do need to adjust endplay.

    Other than that, i used some pick tools to get all the snap rings out, and you may need a clutch hub compressor tool to get the clutch packs apart.
    ...And some feeler gauges to measure differnt clearances like the planetary gears, etc.
    ...And an Inch/Lbs torque wrench for the valve body.

    Heres the pics of my TH400 rebuild.
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