700R4 performance parts!

Discussion in 'Southeast Region' started by lamberthkp, Mar 29, 2006.

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    i got this for my birthday last year and have never used it the x wife got it for me but i allready had all of it in my tranny. she paid $215 for them will take $185 shipped . www.700raptor.com ( #30 is the hole kit ) down the page is what i have.
    the kit comes with:go down the page it will tell about each part on the site.
    - .500 mega valve ( part #4)
    -oversize low/reverse boost valve ( part #28)
    -superior 35% oversize high performance overdrive billet servo(part #1)
    -superior 50% oversize high performance intermediate billet servo(part #3)
    if anyone needs it send me a pm, thanks Keenan

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