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    My 700r4 shifts fine 1st.,2nd ,3rd at 25 mph, and then no 4th shift to OD. Drove it on the Freeway and seems to be on 3rd gear.adjusted the TV Cable no Diffrence. when trying to pass engine is at high rpm and not able to pick up speed. if I put a B&M shift Kit would this help. or is there anything I can add to the fluid like B&M Trick shift would that help.
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    sounds like one of the valves or springs in the valve body are stuck or bound up... I'd recomend just taking it to the trans shop. They'll know exactly what springs and valves to pull out. It is a real mess to do on your own... all the little check balls.... Oh yeah... I wouldn't recomend anything w/ B&M on it.

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    Are you certain that the shift detent is really in "OD" and not "D"? Ignore the pointer on the dash for a minute... Shift to where you know that the tranny is in neutral (regardless of what the dash pointer says). Then go one more click. This should put the tranny shift detent into "OD". See if it goes into 4th now. It could just be that the dash pointer is out of adjustment.

    If that doesn't work, then it sounds like the tranny has internal problems. If so, then installing a shift kit won't help. You'll need to fix the tranny first. [​IMG]

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