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    Hi all!

    I have a 71 Blazer and recently picked up an unassembled stock tire-carrier for it. I've got most of it back together, but I can't seem to figure out what two small parts are for.

    I'm hoping someone out there has a couple of good photographs of the assembled unit they could show me, or maybe a diagram. The too parts I'm confused about are: #1: a small (1.5") piece of steel, angled with a hole and a slot in it. The other piece looks like a thick washer with two "feet" coming off the side.

    The carrier works without these two parts, but I'm trying to keep my Blazer as original as possible.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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    this an inside tire carrier or out side??

    I have pics of an outside tire carrier email me if it's an outside tire carrier.


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