72 Blazer in AZ/SoCal

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by socalblazer, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Here's another 'What's it worth' posting. My buddy's selling this to buy a moving truck to start a business. Here's the details that I know, all items new within last 3 years:
    Body off paint inside and out w/powdercoated frame
    Rhino lined tub, inside and firewall back underneath
    Complete Painless wiring set
    383 stroker w/all new parts including Dart heads, aluminum radiator, not rebuilt.
    700r4 built the right way (blew up the 1st 1 so he made sure they did it right the 2nd time)
    14 bolt w/disc and posi
    Dana 44 w/posi and crossover
    Custom driveshafts front and rear
    6" springs (1k just for the springs)
    Weld wheels w/33's
    New seats, carpet, center console, door panels, and refurbished deluxe top
    Full family rollcage
    New rubber, window felts, trim pieces, grill, lights, etc.
    There are some trim pieces that have not been put on but he has them and they're new. The A/C isn't hooked up. I saw this truck before it was painted and the only rust was about a quarter size in the pass door. The floor pan was super clean as was the rest of the truck. If you know anybody that's looking for a clean first gen this is the one to have. The owner has a lot of money in it but he's ready to go independant and needs a moving truck. I have more pix in my gallery and I can email more if requested. I'm thinking 12-15k is reasonable but you guys are the experts so...
    What's it worth??
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    Now that is a nice looking K5. I think he could get $15K for it but it may take a couple years to find the right buyer (although more and more people with too much money and no brains live in SoCal :ignore: :whistle: )

    $10-12K might find a buyer quicker, but you can always go to a professional appraiser too.

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