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    Northern California
    I am selling my 72 blazer K5 4x4. My new baby daughter takes precedence over my truck. I believe in full honesty and disclosure since I expect the same when I buy an item, so first I'll list all of the new/good points about the truck and then I'll list every flaw I can think of:

    First the good:
    1. 72 Blazer K5 4x4
    2. NP205 Transfer case
    3. Professionally rebuilt 350 Engine
    4. Rebuilt TH350 trans with TransGo shift kit (still column shifter though, no time or cash to convert it)
    5. Brand new 2000 stall Summit torque converter
    6. Brand new high voltage Performance HEI distributor from Summit
    7. New Edelbrock performer aluminum intake
    8. Holley street avenger electronic choke carb. (have edelbrock electronic choke carb if you prefer)
    9. New Summit high flow water pump
    10. Accel Armor Sheild performance wire set
    11. New harmonic balancer
    12. New Battery
    13. New summit three-gauge chrome cluster (oil, temp, amps)
    14. Rear seat in ok shape. (could use re-upholstery)
    15. Used, but still good-looking Edelbrock series chrome valve covers and air cleaner.
    16. Hooker headers
    17. Power steering
    18. Front disc brakes

    I am also including the following items (uninstalled):

    1. Custom hidden trailer hitch that hides behind the license plate, complete with all needed to install. cost me $220

    2. Brand new body bushing kit from LMC truck. Complete kit incuding hardware, cost me $175 with shipping.

    3. A seal and ring kit for the NP205 transfer case. The case only leaks a little at the speedo cable, probably just needs to be tightened, but this kit is a good iten to have.
    cost me $30

    I will also include the folowing items if desired, or sell them seperate if anyone is interested:

    1. The 350 engine that was originally in the truck. 1985 crate engine. It has an edelbrock performer manifold and I have no idea what else. It ran strong, but I had the other engine to put in and a free weekend so......

    2. A TH350 transmission out of a 70 Nova. This tranny needs a rebuild (it leaks) but the case is in great shape..

    3. Edelbrock 600cfm electric choke carb. Worked well in the truck.

    Now for the Not-so-good points
    1. The truck has a few rough spots on the body where the paint has started to bubble and surface rust is forming underneath. These are located in the usual areas, the bottom of the doors and the quarters just behind the doors. The areas are quite small, and won't be very hard to fix.

    2. The only rust hole on the body of the truck is on the window frame on top on the drivers side. There is a nickel size hole that needs to be repaired. I have ground it out and primered it to stop further rust.

    3. The floor pans are rusty. I'm not to sure as to the extent of this problem, but they seem to be rusting from the sides. They are still solid, but I want to mention every problem. (you won't fall through the floor).

    4. The rocker boxes are not in tip-top shape. There is one area that looks like the guy who owned it before me bondo'd it for cosmetic reasons. (don't my rocker boxes look good?)

    5. The paint has scratches and nicks in it. (I was going to do the body work and paint it so I wasn't very careful) But since it needs minor body work anyway, this shouldn't matter much.

    6. The top has two noticable chips in it, one on the ledge at the rear of the passenger side door, and another along the top of the rear door.

    7. It leaks a few drops of oil after you shut her off. I think this is due to the cheap chrome oil pan on it(Probably a Spectre) It was on the engine when I bought it.

    8. It leaks a few drops of trans fluid at the speedo line. Probably just needs to be tightened up.

    9. There is a dent in the gas tank and the rear bumper where a previous owner backed into something. The gas gauge only fills to half because it got knocked out of whack. The tank is still structurally sound.

    The truck stll has its stock springs, which are a bit saggy after 31 years. The bed of the truck is covered with black carpet just like the front. The carpet is in pretty good shape. The bed sides have black vinyl covers and are also in good shape. The drivers seat has a large tear on its right side.Seat covers hide this nicely. Passenger seat has no big tears, but does have 31 years of wear.
    Im hoping to get somewhere in the neighborhood of $5500 for EVERY ITEM ON THIS PAGE , including the extra engine and tranny.

    I have a ton of pics and a digital camera if you want to see something specific, but I have no web based page where you can view the truck, so email me and give me your email address and I'll send you anything you want to see.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all...

    Terry Fogarty
  2. Shadow25!

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    Nov 21, 2002
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    Northern California
    Forgot to mention where In Northern Cali I am located..
    Beale Air force Base near Near Yuba City, about 1 hour north of Sacramento
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    can you give me more info on the crate engine. how many miles, wear/tear, heads, pistons, pics???


    PS:you probably ment high amp, not high voltage /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif unless you're a bit paranoid about power outages. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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