73/74 and 75-78 filler hoses

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    did anyone know that GM changed the filler tank hose in 75 again ? i just found out the hard way when i just now came across the 78 tank i was looking for since a coupel days ago now, the 74 tank i have has about 1 3/8" filler tube and the 78 one has about 1 3/4" filler tube. found out that 73-74 are different from 75-78,

    both tanks use the 5/8" filler vent tube at least

    im putting pass side saddle tank onto an 81 and now dunno if i wanna use the 74 tank or the 78 tank... anyone know of any thinwall brass or copper tube/pipe that could be used for elbows and straights when custom making a filler setup, for either one of the two different sizes ?

    thanks for anything

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