73-75 Factory Soft Top pix

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    <shameless self-promotion>

    Just a scan from a dealer brochure thingie, but still kinda fun to see what was out there back then.

    Go to

    Slosh.com's brochures page and thence to the "1974 Chevy truck dealer data book".

    I actually prefer the look of it, particularly the back end, to that of my Kayline or the Bestop (could fit more of a rollbar/cage under the factory one too!) Shame they aren't available any more.

    Oh, yeah, for you 69-72 people the appropriate sales brochures show yours, and the 78 ones show it for the 76+ models.

    Anybody know when the factory soft-top was dropped for the half-cab? I see it was available from 76-78 anyway.

    And just as an FYI, I changed the pages to use an image-mapped GIF, so they should load a hell of a lot quicker, especially for analog modem users. Apologies for the early versions -- you can tell I design the pages on a 10/100 LAN, huh? ;-)

    </shameless self-promotion>

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