73-87 C10 to 4x4 conversion

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    has anyone ever converted a 2wd truck to a 4x4 WITHOUT swapping frames? are all of the bolt holes there on the 2wd frame to accomidate the 4x4 suspension? any input on this subject is appreciated.
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    The large round holes (1.5"???)for the front spring hanger that sits under the cab are not there on the 2wd frame. Probably need a good hole saw or a torch for that one... /forums/images/graemlins/thinking.gif

    Personally, I don't like the idea of carving a big hole like that into the frame. Maybe you can fab something up or adapt a different hanger to mount under the frame rail. /forums/images/graemlins/thinking.gif
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    You know I thought about that, but then read an article in 4wheel and off road on "how to convert 2-4 wd" and getting the axle perfectly stright, and then mounting t-case, diff cross member ect. I thought about ti and figured I'd get out better just swapping bodies, which is what I did.I used 1 cherry picker (would have been better with 2 especialy for the cab) but had 1 and used my neighbor's concrete drive and switched it in about a week end.Had to get 3 in body lift so t-case would'nt bottom out against floorboard but everything else was easy.Had to trim bottom of shroud to clear fan but that's about it.I copied a set up from a truck we junked out which was 2x3 square tubing 1/4"thick stacked that on my rubber mounts and used grade "8" bolts.I got the cab/front end parts from junk truck, I went to local metal shop and got a 2' piece of same tubing, and cut into 3" sections for the bed.Only thing I forgot to do was measure the difference between cab/bed and got it off a bit.But I like the way it turned out . Just my .02 think about it and research it.

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    If you look at the frame close alot of the hole are there. Several years ago a few of us converted a buddys 1/2 ton sub to 4wd. What a pain in the ass. By the time we were done, we decided we would never do it again. Body swap MUCH easier.
    Hard parts I remember-
    Engine cross member needs swapped
    Front body mount at spring hangers
    Crossmember under radiator swapped
    (sway bar mount?)
    Aformentioned spring hanger for rear of
    front springs
    Steering box (unless you crossover)
    Transfer case crossmember holes
    needed drilled
    Add lift to rear to match front
    (springs and/or blocks)
    Body lift and/or hammer clearance
    floor for transfer case

    I know there were about a hundred little things I cannot remember. We did have my old 77 K5 for a donor truck. That helped alot. There are way too many trucks out there with rusty or damaged bodies to not just swap frames or sell yours and buy a complete 4WD. James.
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    usally 4x4 frames can be had for cheap.A guy had one in town here for 175.00 with a title and painted already...

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