'73 weatherstriping help???

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    \'73 weatherstriping help???

    I need to replace the weatherstripping around the front widows in my '73, theres very little left on either side or on either rig for that matter. it looks like there is a screw hole on both ends but doesn't appear to be anything in the middle, haven't taken it out of the packaging yet. There also appears to be small amounts of remanants of old weatherstripping between the cab and a trim peice around the window on the roof but I'm not sure. Is the middle held in by this trim peice or is it gorrila snotted in place?
    I haven't opened packaging yet since the outfit I bought it from was about $20 more expensive than Chevy duty and they also said they couldn't get the right one. There catalog listed it but there website said it was for '76-, wich should be the same part as a pickup door shouldn't it (for the 76 blazer and truck), Besides I may return it just due to the fact that the supplier I got it from has a 1 page list single spaced of ways it pissed me off. The rear window stripping was also about $20 more expensive than Chevy Duty.

    Any tips? pictures? anything helpful?


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