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    I have get me a 74 Blazer and I wounder about some things, and this seems to be the right place to ask for that.
    It is a 454 bigblock in the car,did they put that engine in a 74 when they was new?
    And the rear axle is a 14 bolted, what kind of axle is that? I don´t find any numbers on it, Is it any of you how now what to lock or were to lock to find out what axle I have?
    I think I have a Dana 44 in the front, is that common?
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    454's were not put into Blazers (nor any half ton trucks), only into 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks.

    Look your VIN up @ Chucks Chevy Truck Pages but I betcha it came with a 350ci engine.

    The 14 bolt rear is good -- it's a 3/4 ton or better, beefy strong axle. I believe there's an axle-identifier on both Chuck's page above, and here on Colorado K5.

    The Dana 44 would have been factory on your truck, though it may have been converted to, or swapped out for, an 8-lug version (the 14-bolt probably has 8-lug wheels) ... your truck would have come with 6 lug from the factory.

    Hope this helps; welcome to the Blazing world! You can see more of what your truck would have looked like new on my Brochures page. I've a '74 myself and I love it /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

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