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    I have a 74 k5 with front dana44 and rear 10 bolt, 4 inch blocks rear, 4 inch springs in front. When I purchased the vehicle the front driveshaft was in the car. I recently tried to install it and it is about 4 inchs too short. I have checked out a couple of other blazers and it looks like there is a CV joint or double universal i am guessing it is called.. Could anyone please shed some light on this issue for me and if possible lead me to the direction of getting the part I am missing.. Also my rear driveshaft is almost fully extended, is this common with lifting the vehicle 4 inches? Also I need a battery tie down.. any suggestions would be greatly apriechiated... thanks...

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    The shaft you have now doesnt have the CV joint on the t-case end? It is supposed to. And are ya sure it's a 10 bolt rear? the '74 had a 12 bolt from the factory. If it's a 10 bolt, then it's been swapped. To find the part, just check out a pic-n-pull/junk yard or soemthing...Any of those places should have a zillion of those things. As far as the rear shaft goes....With my rig parked on a flat surface, I have about 1 1/2" of extension. If your's is almost fully extended, then I would think it needs to be checked out, maybe lengthened.
    Battery hold down? LOL, My battery hold down consists of a well worn bungee cord and some bailing wire. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif /forums/images/icons/smile.gif /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif

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